Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Show and Tell at Collector's Weekly

Do you have a jewelry collection that you would like to show off? I received an email from my friends at Collector's Weekly yesterday. They are particularly looking for interesting vintage jewelry items of good quality for their fine jewelry pages.

Show and Tell works this way: You can upload up to four high-resolution photos, and write as much as you want about the history or stories behind each item. You can also track favorites, and post comments and questions. You can find more details here about uploading photos here.

This part of the site is not for those trying to sell jewelry. It's meant to be display only. Think of it as a shared virtual museum.

Show and Tell is free and they make it very easy for you to sign up and upload your photos. If you do upload your collection, please let me know here in the comments and I'll link to your photos in an upcoming post on my blog.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Recycled Jewelry is a Hit at C.S Post & Co

I'm fascinated by jewelry which has a recycled theme. Designers who can come up with new and exciting ways to use things that might otherwise end up in a trash heap are to be commended.

I was reading my latest issue of The Food Network Magazine and found a link to a site which caught my interest. Food magazine was focusing on items made from soda cans, but the site also has many other interesting ideas.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Recycled Soda Can Cuff Bracelet

Recycled Map Bangle Bracelet

Blue Willow Broken China Bracelet

Half Dollar Daisy Pendant Necklace

Rolled Paper Bead Necklace

Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry

C. S. Post & Co is described as being a general store. They feature a wide variety of items, including the the recycled jewelry styles shown here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

All Manner of Fur Cats and Dogs

I love whimsical figural jewelry, especially critter jewelry. In my experience, cats, dogs and owls are the most popular, but there are collectors of all forms of figural jewelry.

I wrote in depth several months ago about a customer of mine - Melissa from the UK, who has a fantastic collection of fur cat jewelry. She snapped up a couple of cute fur kitty brooches of mine from my eBay store - Carolina Collections Vintage Jewelry, and then we exchanged emails about her collection.

Melissa updated me today with new pictures of her collection. It has really grown. She says that
she has lost her gray wolf, a happy panda and a blue eyed cat. But she's replaced them with others. I see a bunny and cute little dog are new, plus several others.

Here is a photo of her collection as it is now (You can click the photo for a larger look at the furry critters):

For those of you who enjoy sculptures and collages, Melissa has a website which deals in these mediums.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Cameo Jewelry added at My Online Shops

Do you love cameo jewelry as much as I do? Then you are in luck. I've just purchased a very large estate collection of only cameo jewelry item.

The collection is huge and covers all types of cameos - from hand carved shell, through to resin, glass, and several signed pieces. For those of you who just love cameos in general, but not necessarily vintage, I even have some brand new pieces of cameo costume jewelry.

My Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza shops have some lovely Art, Florenza, Limoge and West German Pieces just added. Vintage Jewelry Lane has many of the hand carved shell cameo designs, and Vintage Jewelry Mall has most of the new costume jewelry cameos.

Here are some examples of the newest additions.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Collector's Weekly Interviews Chronograph Collector Jeff Stein

Collector's Weekly has a wonderful series of interviews which they conduct every few weeks with various people in the vintage collecting field. Many of these are jewelry related.

The latest interview is with Jeff Stein, a collector of various watches, particularly chronographs. Jeff is the operator of a leading online guide to Heuer chronographs and timepieces.

Jeff originally started collecting watches because of his interest in racing and vintage rally cars. At an early 1960s rally, he discovered another visitor with a display of Heuer timepieces, and he was hooked.

In the interview, Jeff discusses all types of chronographs and Heuer in particular. You can read the full interview on this page of the collector's weekly website.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Calling all necklace lovers: The Ugly Necklace Needs your Vote

Our friends at Land of Odds website has a quirky contest called the Ugly Necklace Contest. The contest is a yearly event and always features some fun and unusual designs to say the least. The requirements are for designers to come up with a weird and wonderful necklace design. This year, designers have an additional rule: purple has to predominate the design.

The semi finalists for this year's competition have recently been announced, and you can vote online for your favorite design. Online voting ends on July 15, 2010. The first prize winner will receive a gift certificate for $992.93 which can be used on the Land of Odds website.

Here is a photo of my favorite design. It is not the ugliest necklace by far, but it's still odd and certainly is purple! This creation is from Sharon Wagner, of Sterling Heights, Michigan.

You can place your online vote at this page of the Land of Odd Website

Friday, June 4, 2010

Today's Jewelry Word: Fakelite

One of the hottest collecting areas of the vintage jewelry word is bakelite jewelry. True bakelite is a vintage product which lends itself to lovely carved bracelets. But, as in all things collectible, the buyer must beware, since there are many "pretenders" out there. One of them is called fakelite.

Fakelite is a term for a modern, mass produced product, which is neither true bakelite or a vintage material. It is sometimes also referred to as French Bakelite, although French Bakelite is often identified by these words too.

The term seems to have first appeared in the mid to late 1980s when old bakelite pieces were being reworked into jewelry pieces and made to imitate vintage bakelite. The content of these was genuine, but the age of the pieces was not. However, the term now refers to items which are intentionally being represented as genuine bakelite.

The true bakelite era in vintage jewelry was roughly the years between the two world wars. Collectors should be particularly aware that items being sold as vintage bakelite may be the genuine article, a reworked piece, modern French Bakelite, or modern, mass produced items intended to defraud. As always, buyer beware!

For more information on vintage bakelite, please refer to our detailed article resource article on bakelite and catalin identification and testing methods. Testing is the only thing that will tell you if your article is genuine bakelite, although it will still not tell you if the piece is vintage.

Examples of Fakelite:

All fakelite photos are courtesy of Gale's Bakelite Guide


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