Saturday, January 29, 2011

Karl Eisenberg talks to Collector's Weekly

Collector's Weekly is a wonderful website that often has interviews with people in the antique collecting fields. I'm always interested when one of their latest subjects is someone connected with vintage jewelry.

Karl Eisenberg, grandson of Jonas Eisenberg, of Eisenberg jewelry, recently talked to Collector's weekly. The interview is very information and full of information which will prove interesting to collector's of Eisenberg jewelry.

Photo credit: Collector's Weekly

The interview is full of history about the formation of the Eisenberg jewelry company and tells how the former ladies fashion company came to be one of the foremost vintage jewelry companies in the 1950s.

The article is a must read. You can find it on this page of the Collector's Weekly website.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage Brooches - Different Ways to Wear them

The first Lady, Michelle Obama, has a fondness for vintage brooches, which seems to have given them a come back in the world of fashion. They are certainly beautiful, but often an outfit can seem dated if they are worn in the traditional way.

I thought it would be fun to think of other creative ways to wear brooches which will give this fashion choice a new lease on life and won't make you feel like you are wearing jewelry like your great grandma does.
  • Pin a brooch onto an evening bag. This method looks best when the brooch is pinned onto a clutch or other small evening bag. Pick a brooch that matches a color or detail in your dress, and it will really help tie the bag into the look.
  • Want your outfit to have little French chic? Simply wrap a scarf around your neck and fasten it in place with a brooch. Very simple but effective. For a slightly more modern take on this look, place the scarf around your waist or hips instead to draw the eye downwards and accentuate your figure.
  • Do you have a sweater that is too big? Use a vintage brooch to make it fit better. In the back of your sweater, about where it hits your waist, pull the extra matieral together and fasten it with a brooch. You'll have a better fitting garment and a fancy new detail in the back. This really spices up an outfit.
  • Another neat idea takes a bit more creativity. Use a brooch as a hairpin. Make a bun or french twist extra glamorous by pinning a brooch in your hair. This usually looks best in the back of your hair, but use your judgment depending on the style. You will need bobby pins for this technique, since brooches are decorative but aren't great at holding hair in place by themselves.
  • Do you have a plain belt? Jazz it up with a vintage brooch. You can either pin the brooch directly onto the belt, or for leather or delicate items, use a piece of ribbon to hang the brooch or tie it in place while protecting belt.
Ready to try some of these ideas? Be sure to visit my website Vintage Jewelry Lane for a huge range of vintage brooches. Here are a few choices to whet your appetite.

Getting Engaged? Consider Vintage Diamond Rings

Getting engaged can be one of the high points in a person's life. Are you ready to pop the question to your loved one? Or are you the loved one trying to decide what type of engagement ring might be your choice? Consider a vintage engagement ring.

Many women have by now learned my little secret - there is nothing like vintage jewelry for quality and sentimentality. The main reasons that I love it so much is because a piece of vintage jewelry is individual. A vintage engagement ring might have more personality, appeal and charm for your sweetheart, so be sure to consider one before you decide.

As an added plus, vintage rings tend to be lest costly than new engagement rings. And also, vintage rings are often intricately crafted for the same price as a much simpler modern design.

An engagement ring that's over 50 years old is considered vintage. If an engagement ring has been around for less than 50 years, it's called an estate ring. Rings made during the 1950s tend to have more attractive designs. However, some engagement rings look vintage without actually being old. These are rings that are made to look antique. If you're not sure whether or not a ring is vintage, you should consult with a trusted jeweler.

If the ring is over 100 years old, it is considered an antique ring and often can be a real collector's piece. This type of ring might be something that will end up being passed down from generation to generation and will become a family heirloom.

I've found a website that features diamond engagement rings from the Victorian era right through to today's styles. Be sure to have a look at the vintage designs from Weston Fine Jewelry. Perhaps one of their designs will be the perfect choice for you!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wish List Sale At my Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Shops

Every one loves a sale and now is the time to take advantage of items in my Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Shops. Both sites have a feature called a "Wish List" where customers add items that I have listed to their own wish lists.

A few times a year, I look have a sale on just these select items. This Wish List sale includes a lovely variety of both vintage and contemporary jewelry which I have marked down by 20%.

Here are some of the items included in my Ruby Lane Shop - The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry.

And here are a few selections from my Ruby Plaza Shop - Jewelry Lane.

If you haven't used the wish list feature in my shops, be sure to come in and have a look around and add some items to your wish list. That is the perfect way to ensure that your favorite piece will be included in the next sale.


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